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Lokke Advertising Completes Agreement with Gulftex Operating, Inc. and TBX Resources, Inc.

March 9, 2009 - Dallas, Texas - Gulftex Operating, Inc., TBX Resources, Inc. and Lokke Advertising announce the completion of an agency agreement. Lokke Advertising is slated to provide advertising, public relations, internet and marketing services for Gulftex Operating, Inc. and TBX Resources, Inc into 2010.

According to Gulftex Operating, Inc. President, Tim Burroughs, "Lokke Advertising is a solid match for Gulftex and TBX Resources, Inc. We needed a lean, fast response capability that enables us to reach our industry and communicate with the communities where we are growing. We were looking for an organization that could help us address online and traditional communication channels more effectively. Lokke Advertising matches our energy and enables us to address multiple communication objectives in minutes if necessary."

Don Lokke, Jr. CEO, Lokke Advertising adds, "Gulftex Operating, Inc. and TBX Resources, Inc. are a perfect fit for our petroleum focused resources and capabilities. I look forward to working with Tim Burroughs and their management teams. Gulftex Operating, Inc. and TBX Resources, Inc. have the kind of reputation and record of success we are proud to represent. They have been responsible stewards of investor capital and our energy resources. We hope to provide channels, strategies and creative solutions to enable Gulftex and TBX to better communicate in communities where they are making investments and providing jobs."


In 1996 Gulftex Operating, Inc. became a contract operator to TBX Resources, Inc. with over 100 operating wells in East Texas and Louisiana. Today Gulftex Operating, Inc. has a successful exploration, drilling and production track record participating in over 35 wells in the Barnett Shale. The Gulftex record includes an impressive 19 wells in the core area of the Barnett Shale. Tim Burroughs, President of Gulftex Operating, Inc. has spent the last 14 years building Gulftex Operating, Inc. Top energy companies including XTO Energy, Crusader Energy, Devon Energy, Conoco Phillips, Encana and others have partnered with Gulftex Operating, Inc. on Barnett Shale projects.

The Gulftex Operating, Inc. has a primary focus on the development of conventional and unconventional resource plays which includes the application of horizontal drilling and cutting edge completion technology aimed at developing shale and tight sand reservoirs. The Gulftex assets are located in various domestic basins, the majority of which are in the Ft. Worth Basin, Barnett Shale.

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Founded in 1979 by Don Lokke Jr., Lokke Advertising has been an Advertising Red Book registered agency for over 21 years. Today the company is still privately owned and headed by Lokke. Lokke Advertising is known for leveraged communication networks in housing, manufacturing, retailing, entertainment, sports and energy. The agency currently delivers over $9 billion in new business leads to clients each year. Lokke Advertising has served as consultant and facilitator to Fortune 500, mid-cap and small cap companies, leveraging online markets for the last 14 years. Lokke has been extremely successful in melding traditional communication channels with industry targeted digital channels.

The growing Lokke Energy Network consists of over 24 proprietary oil and gas portals, rss newsfeeds, media databases, and targeted communication channels. Energy clients tap into Lokke communication networks, alliances, strategies and benefit from instant global exposure. With over 31 years in advertising, Lokke Advertising made a 100% commitment to serve the petroleum industry in 2007 and is heavily committed to the oil and gas sector. Lokke Advertising continues to make major investments in expanding it's ability to serve oil and gas clients.


This press release contains "forward-looking statements" within the meaning of the Federal securities laws and regulations. Forward-looking statements are estimates and predictions by management about the future outcome of events and conditions that could affect Gulftex's business, financial condition and results of operations. We use words such as, "will," "should," "could," "plans," "expects," "likely," "anticipates," "intends," "believes," "estimates," "may," and other words of similar expression to indicate forward-looking statements.

There is no assurance that the estimates and predictions contained in our forward-looking statements will occur or be achieved as predicted. Any number of factors could cause actual results to differ materially from those referred to in a forward-looking statement, including drilling risks, operating hazards and other uncertainties inherent in the exploration for, and development and production of, oil and natural gas; volatility in oil and natural gas prices, including the adverse impact of lower prices on the amount of our cash flow available to meet capital expenditures, our ability to borrow and raise capital and on the values attributed to our proven reserves; drilling and operating risks in the unconventional shales and other reservoirs in which we operate, including uncertainties in interpreting engineering, reservoir and reserve data; the availability of technical personnel and drilling equipment; the timing and installation of processing and treatment facilities, third-party pipelines and other transportation facilities and equipment; changes in interest rates; and increasing production costs and other expenses.

Further information on risks and uncertainties affecting our business is described under Risk Factors are available in our reports filed with the SEC which are incorporated by this reference as though fully set forth herein. We undertake no obligation to publicly update or revise any forward-looking statement.

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