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Gulftex Operating, Inc. Announces Completion of the McClendon #2-H

February 5, 2009 - Dallas, Texas - Gulftex Operating, Inc., the contract operator and driller for Crusader Energy Group Inc. (Amex: KRU) out of Oklahoma City, Oklahoma and XTO Energy (NYSE:XTO) out of Fort Worth, Texas, announced the successful completion of McClendon #2-H in the core area of the Barnett Shale, in Denton County, Texas. According to Tim Burroughs, President of Gulftex Operating, Inc., "The McClendon #2-H achieved an initial meter reading of over 5,000 mcf per day." The well was completed to 10,625' total measured depth (TMD) including approximately 2,200' horizontal in the Barnett Shale formation. The McClendon #2-H is the most recent of 19 wells participated in by Gulftex Operating, Inc. in the core area of the Fort Worth Basin.

Tim Burroughs, founder of Gulftex Operating credits the company's hard working team and over 30 individual service providers that contributed to the success of the McClendon #2-H including Liberty Pressure Pumping LP out of Denton County, Texas, a Trican Well Service Company. "We select the most experienced suppliers in the business to insure the best possible results for our partners. The McClendon #2-H is a prime example.", according to Tim Burroughs, Gulftex Operating President. Gulftex Operating's use of cutting edge technology and applications result in enhanced rate and production, a huge advantage at current energy prices.

Gulftex Operating, Inc. has plans to drill at least five additional wells in 2009 targeting the Barnett Shale core area of Denton County and has been aggressively leasing in Denton County, Texas.

The Barnett Shale of the Fort Worth basin is a Mississippian Shale that is the reservoir for one of the largest unconventional gas accumulations in the United States. The Barnett Shale has benefited from the application of technological advances in stimulation and horizontal drilling. While these technologies are not new, their application to the Barnett Shale has resulted in significantly improved economics and opened up new areas previously too expensive to produce. These new advances and applications have resulted in greatly improved rate and reserve profiles. Gulftex Operating, Inc.'s development activities in the Fort Worth Basin are comprised of horizontal drilling and utilizing multi-stage stimulation completion techniques.


In 1996 Gulftex Operating, Inc. became a contract operator to TBX Resources, Inc. with over 100 operating wells in East Texas and Louisiana. Today Gulftex Operating, Inc. has a successful exploration, drilling and production track record participating in over 35 wells in the Barnett Shale. The Gulftex record includes an impressive 19 wells in the core area of the Barnett Shale, Denton County, Texas. Tim Burroughs, President of Gulftex Operating, Inc. has spent the last 14 years building Gulftex Operating, Inc. Top energy companies including XTO Energy, Crusader Energy, Devon Energy, Conoco Phillips, Williams Companies and others have partnered with Gulftex Operating, Inc. on Barnet Shale projects.

The Gulftex Operating, Inc. has a primary focus on the development of conventional and unconventional resource plays which includes the application of horizontal drilling and cutting edge completion technology aimed at developing shale and tight sand reservoirs. The Gulftex assets are located in various domestic basins, the majority of which are in the Ft. Worth Basin, Barnett Shale.

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